Our solutions for hygiene and fire safety.

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Our solutions for hygiene and fire safety



We named our process ANAXIMENE in reference to the Greek philosopher Anaximene (-500BC), whose belief was that the origin of the world came from the air by its various phases of condensation, expansion and rarefaction.

Condensation from air is found in various forms : mist, fog, vapor, cloud, rain…

So in the the interest of an ecological approach, the ANAXIMENE process uses micro-doplets to transport biological and naturally active products.


The previous method of cleaning of waste air ducts could be made only in a manual way at night and is limited to the zones to which access is possible.

The operation must be finished in the morning for the opening of restaurant. The lack of time obliged the operators to use extremely aggressive chemicals which present a risk to employer and the environment.

We thus designed a device capable of making all the work of cleaning automatically, by using biologically active ingredients for the biodegradation of grease and fat, as well as blends of essential oils to neutralize the odours.

In developing our processes, we filed four other patents enabling the use of the same system, but adapted to the various components of the extraction systems (filters, hoods, filtering ceilings, canopies, etc.)

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