Our solutions for hygiene and fire safety.

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Our solutions for hygiene and fire safety

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Environmental biotechnology

Biology is in the broad sense, the science of life

Biotechnology or « technology of bioconversion » results from a marriage between life science and biology – and a set of new techniques stemming from other disciplines such as microbiology, biochemistry, biophysics and molecular biology.

Environmental biotechnology uses the innovations of biotechnology and microbiology to bring solutions related to the pollution of our planet.

The environment is our future and microorganisms, in particular bacterias possess surprising capacities to treat pollution.

By linking ecology and biotechnology, we develop new processes both more ecological and more competitive to protect the natural balance of the planet and the biosphere.

We propose proven and safe solutions allying efficiency and protection for the end-user, the equipment and the environment.



labo biotechnologie environnementale
  • Biological laboratory available (on demand)
  • Research and development – close relationship with scientists
  • Manufacturing in our workshops in France
  • Design advice

Facilitates the life of the kitchen operators

Reduces operating costs

Improves the conditions of hygiene and safety