Our solutions for hygiene and fire safety.

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Our solutions for hygiene and fire safety


Based in Cannes, but present on the international scene, GS Environnement is managed by Gabriel Sylvestre and Yves Marx.

Gabriel Sylvestre, a native of Brittany, is a globetrotting engineer and inventor of the Anaximene system.

He filed his first patent in 1999.

In 2004, he created GS Environnement specializing in water treatment, cleaning and odour control in professional Kitchens.

Yves Marx, native of Alsace a disciplined character with an education in sales and business administration joined him in 2006.

Based on their respective and complimentary experiences, they decided to associate their talents and skills to develop the GS Environnement company.

In 2007, GS Environnement met Nobel Fire Systems (an offshoot from the Alfred Nobel group) specialized amongst others in the automatic extinction of fires in professional kitchens around the world.

It was the beginning of a partnership between GS Environnement and Nobel Fire Systems. GS Environnement became the official distributor in France, Belgium and Luxembourg for Nobel Fire Systems.

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