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Our solutions for hygiene and fire safety

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New offer subscription

Financial rent : Hire purchase agreement

An offer 100% attractive from 109€/ month for 5 years by cooperation with a financial organisation.
Finances the use of an equipment benefiting from latest technologies rather than bearing the purchase and the depreciation of the equipment.
GS Environnement offers a solution of custom-made financing without constraint.

Concretely, how does it work

  1. You choose :
    1. Your product.
    2. The duration of your contract (between 3 and 5 years)
  2. We help you to complete your file with our financial partner Locam.
  3. You pay monthly by bank transfer

For example : a Nobel KS system for the protection of a deep fryer : 109€/ month

This amount includes : the installation, the certification, the service, the annual visits of maintenance and the guarantee during 5 years.

And benefits ?

  • No initial contribution or up front VAT payment
  • No impact on your balance sheet : no fixed asset, nor additional debt
  • Rental to be recorded in overheads, 100% deductible from taxable profits
  • You take advantage of a transparent solution and « all inclusive »

What happens at the end of my contract ?

At the end of the financing you have the possibility to acquire your equipment (1% of its price) and to sign a maintenance contract with GS Environnement to continue to take advantage of associated services.