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Our solutions for hygiene and fire safety

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Fire protection Nobel Serie K

Nobel Serie K :

The insurance of catering fire protection


K series fire protection systems are completely designed to fit the configuration of the kitchen to be protected.

The simplicty of the Nobel system allow customers to adapt it according to their needs ensuring an optimal protection and rapid extinction of fire.

Each installation is individually analyzed to take into account all fire risks.


  • Custom-made system without installation limitations
  • Adapts itself to the set-up of all kitchens
  • Hygienic, discreet and aesthetic
  • Systems 100% electric
  • No moving parts requiring replacement, giving long service life
  • Control panel with error indicator screen
  • Remote diagnostics


  1. System concept: functional, adaptable, flexible according to the configuration of the kitchens.
  2. Protection of cooking appliances: the choice of nozzles and reservoir is made according to the type of cooking appliances to be protected after study of drawing and electrical information. The fire protection can be extended in extraction ducting until the outside of the building. The system is extendable. Additional modules can be added.
  3. Control of the system: a control panel receives a signal from the detections device which activates automatically the circuits of extinction. It is also equipped with a manual activation. The control panel checks itself permanently and indicates on a screen the status of the system. The system is also equipped with backup batteries lasting 48 hours in case of power failure.
  4. The extinction liquid close to neutral ph, causes no damage to the cooking appliances. It is easy to clean and allows the kitchen to be quickly operational again.


Fast installation without interupting kitchen operation

Only one annual maintenance needed

Easy maintenance



The article GC8 of the order of October 10th, 2005, obliges large kitchens to install a system of automatic extinction of fires.

« Large kitchens and every cooking island have to contain a means of extinction adapted to the existing risks.

In the open kitchen and the cooking islands, devices of automatic extinction adapted to oil fires must be installed directly above the open deep fryers. »

Nobel K System is in compliance with this regulations.

We help you comply with the standards in your kitchen.