Our solutions for hygiene and fire safety.

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Our solutions for hygiene and fire safety

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  • New technologies for professional-kitchens

New technologies for professional-kitchens

Nobel K Series for fire protection

  • 30 years of technology proven in the fight against the fires in high risk environments
  • A class F liquid specifically designed to extinguish the fire quickly without damaging equipment
  • Electronic control without moving mechanical parts

Anaximene : The use of environmental biotechnology for the biodegradation of greases and neutralization of odours

  • Distribution of biologically active ingredients for cleaning and automatic degreasing of waste air extraction systems.
  • A compound of natural oils and essences neutralizes the odours
  • This new method uses microorganisms and active organic ingredients to biodegrade fats and eliminate fire risks inside the ducting

Exelo : ecological treatment of the water

  • exelo-schemaPrevent lime scale deposits
  • Treatment of limescale deposits without use of chemicals