Our solutions for hygiene and fire safety.

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Our solutions for hygiene and fire safety

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Presentation GS Environnement

Specialist in new technologies for professional kitchens

Solutions for hygiene and safety


GS Environnement is an engineering company specialized in environmental biotechnologies.

We design, develop, produce and market new technologies for professional kitchens :

  • Fire Safety
  • Treatment of grease and fat
  • Neutralization of odours
  • Water treatment
  • Energy saving

Innovative patented solutions


Expert in the design and the use of high perfomance active products, GS Environnement meets environmental requirements and proposes innovative solutions for your kitchens. We constantly seek to develop and improve our products, taking into account legislation and sustainable development.

Since 1999, GS Environnement filed 6 patents of which one is European.

Solutions for all professional kitchens

cuisine professionnelle

Our solutions are intended for the kitchens of hotels, restaurants, institutions, food-processing and maritime industries.

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