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système Ecobeta – water flush for the futur

With EcoBeta you can save up to 50% of your consumption

To save water and spend less

Start by replacing the flush valve with ecoBETA® dual-flush with only 1 button, or add to the existing 1 flush valve ecoBETA® retrofit to obtain a fully function dual-flush

Dual-flush with 2 buttons does not always save water

To conserve water it is often recommended to replace single flush toilets with dual-flush toilets. However, there is a cheaper and more sustainable solution that eliminates the need for a complete toilet replacement!

Convert single flush to dual flush by means of a simple insert

By means of an ecoBETA® insert it is possible to convert your single flush toilet to a dual-flush and customize the volume of the low flush to the sewer capacity. In addition to saving water and money, you reduce your environmental impact by keeping your existing toilet (thereby eliminating waste).

All benefits for the environmentally smart with short payback time.

Substantial water-savings and rapid return on investment

By specifying the ecoBETA® dual flush, our customers gain measurable environmental benefits, water savings of up to 50% per flush and overall cost savings with no discomfort whatsoever for the user. The added benefits of user-friendliness, no need for costly maintenance or risk of continuously running water as well as a very short-term payback time make ecoBETA® valves an obvious choice.

Our customers share the commitment to efficiently save water

ecoBETA® works closely with national authorities, water companies and property owners, and our products are widely specified for use in households, office buildings and institutions, saving millions of litres of water every day.

Our international clients include :

The savings are multiplied

Join us in saving millions of litres of water every day

Our aim is to SAVE WATER – offering simple water and cost saving solutions, which result in sustainable and commercial advantages for our customers.

With demonstrated water-savings of up to 50% per flush and outstanding customer satisfaction, our patented dual-flush solutions significantly contribute to reducing water consumption.

Complete portfolio of simple water-saving solutions

In addition to the ecoBETA® inserts, our product-line to include a full range of dedicated water-saving devices such as high-performance showerheads and flow reducers for taps for use in all consumer applications.

Our extensive in-house expertise is also available in an advisory capacity for both large-scale domestic and commercial clients.



Simple and intuitive – no confusing dual-button set-up

Documented water-savings up to 50% per flush

Documented user satisfaction up to 99%

Easy fitting into most toilet makes and models

Sturdy and leakage resistant – no need for maintenance

Typical savings in water consumption after installation of ecoBETA®

With only 1 button, ecoBETA® significantly cuts water consumption by requiring the user to make an extra effort for the large flush


More informations and video of installation on site :